Monday, 20 August 2012

WaterAid is an NGO working to improve access to clean water and sanitation. Photography plays an instrumental role in achieving this. Picture Editor Emily Graham shares advice for photographers keen to use their talent for social good… 

How does WaterAid work with photographers? 
We use photography for a wide variety of purposes, from fundraising to advocacy, awareness raising and media work. At the moment we are running a fundraising campaign called The Big Dig. I commissioned a photographer called Kate Holt to interview and photograph people in rural Malawi. We chose her because she had a journalistic approach. She produces strong images that engage audiences but in a natural way. We used these images throughout the organisation for fundraising campaigns and since then we’ve spent a week in Malawi training our partner staff in using simple image capturing technologies so we can show a story of change through a blog where the initial professional images are displayed with images gathered by staff.

What’s the best way for a photographer who wants to work for WaterAid to get in touch with you?
Send an email with an introduction to yourself and your main interests as a photographer, and a link to your website. Don’t send attachments because they crash my inbox! Let us know your travel plans. If there’s a photographer planning a visit to one of our country programmes, we may be able to commission them for a few days. The most important thing is that you have strong personal work on [your website] as well as commissioned work. Get in touch if you’re working on an issue relevant to our work and maybe we can partner up. Come to us with a story idea or visual approach – we’re always looking for new and original ways to communicate the issues that we work with.

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