Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Indian photographer Rohit Chawla's fashion-inspired fine art images have appeared in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire – but for his Wanderlust project, which goes on show next week at The Strand Gallery in London, he shot nomadic people in Gujurat. Rohit talks about his creative process and how photography has changed since he started…

Many years ago I went to a place called Kutch in Gujurat and saw this Rabari tribe.

I took a long time to go back with the right set up. I wanted to shoot them in isolation, almost like fashion portraits, not like the conventional way that had been shot over the years. So we created a makeshift studio in the desert by hanging fabric on a tripod and on stands. We used to go wherever we could find them. They were constantly on the move because they’re nomads. We would carry a Polaroid camera and whatever we shot we would give them the images. At first they were not really willing to be photographed. We gained their trust by being patient and by hanging around them. Slowly they agreed to pose and then we got the lighting and created the backdrop.

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