Thursday, 28 June 2012

Despite our notoriously rubbish weather, summer in the UK is synonymous with music festivals. If you’ve ever found yourself in a muddy field amid a crowd of sweaty revellers thinking, “Wouldn’t it be cool to start my own festie?” read this sage advice from three people who did…

Planning it takes ages
So you’ve got a 10k sound system and more mates in bands than you can shake a welly at? Good for you – but to organise a festival properly you also need time. “Start way in advance before the date,” recommends Zaran Vachha, founder of Rivington Street Festival, which took place in venues across Shoreditch for the first time this June. “I started probably a year in advance. I run events all the time but [was surprised at] the volume of people I had to speak to.”

You won’t just be chatting up potential venues, sponsors, bands and stallholders, you also need to get the police and local council onside. And forget creative vision and charisma – this lot want to see your licenses and safety plan. “The most boring safety regulations are what councils and police care about most,” Zaran points out. “You can have the best idea in the world, but if you don’t jump through their hoops the festival’s not going to happen.” Jumping through hoops isn’t as speedy an endeavor as it sounds. Zaran again: “Dealing with councils is a slow process. You have to wait for them to get back to you and can’t really push them to do anything because once you start getting pushy, they’ll just tell you to f**k off.”

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