Thursday, 17 May 2012

Panos Pictures is an internationally renowned photo agency specialising in global social issues. Archive Sales Manager Paula James tells us how Panos takes on new photographers and why you always deserve to get a fee for your work…

What exactly does a picture agency do? 
A picture agency holds photographers’ work in a photo library. This frees up their time to continue with their photography, being as creative as they can, allowing them not to have to deal with the in and outs of negotiating fees, administration, all the dull stuff. The agency actively sells their work, whereas they might be too busy to do that. We contact the right people who might buy the work, [ensuring it] gets into the correct markets.

How do you find new photographers to represent? 
Last year was the first time we did a call out for submissions. We advertised on various photography websites, such as BJP, that we were looking for new photographers to join Panos. We ended up with about 450 applicants and we whittled it down to six photographers. We haven’t done it this year; I think we might do it every two years but we’re such a small team that we just don’t have the manpower to take on more and more photographers.

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