Friday, 18 May 2012

Last night IdeasTap, in association with Blurb and PhotoShelter, hosted a panel discussion on what photo buyers want from photographers. Photography commissioners from GQ, Q Magazine and STERN shared some of their top tips…

Get in touch with photo editors 
The best way to contact James Mullinger, Photographic Director at GQ Magazine, is by post: “The old school way is the best. Inboxes are full because there’s always stuff coming in, so send a nicely printed 10x8 shot that you think reflects the magazine you’re sending it to.” If you’re lucky it will get stuck up on the wall and next time the photography team is looking for a photographer to use for a shoot, it could be you. Dagmar Seeland, UK Picture Editor at STERN, prefers to be reached by telephone. “I get 50, 60, 70 emails a day so a lot end up in the bin. Give me a call – I won’t bite!” Remember photo editors are a varied bunch, so it’s good idea to give them a quick call and ask how they prefer to receive images.

Be prepared to do your own production – and post-production 
These days, as magazines are trying not to spend too much, they often look for photographers who can do production in-house. James: “Because of staff cuts, workloads, we need someone who can do all the production and already has their team in place.” The same goes for post-production. “There is more demand for photographers to do their own retouching," says Russell O’Connell, Picture Director at Q Magazine.

Read the full article on IdeasMag.

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