Thursday, 3 May 2012

Whether you’re gearing up to finals, A-levels or GCSEs, check out our quick guide to revision, with tips from people who have been through it. You’ll survive with your sanity intact, ready to bag yourself the best grades you can come exam day…

Everyone has a different revision strategy. Mine consisted of frantically writing out French grammar rules on Post-it notes and covering every available surface of my room with them. At the very least this made for a satisfying post-exam recycling session! But whatever your preferred method, it might help to keep the following in mind.

Plan ahead
“Make yourself a sexy revision timetable with different colour highlighter pens,” says journalist Ellen E Jones. Life coach Pip Ravn agrees. She advises that you, “Keep working through the topics even if you don’t finish move onto the next, so you don’t front-end your learning – this is when you learn the first part and know nothing of the end parts”. Also stop trying to convince yourself that you’re at your most productive at 10pm – treat revision like a 9 to 5 job, rather than a last minute essay crisis. Choose a quiet spot to revise in and avoid listening to music. Not only is it distracting at the time, you might find yourself three weeks later, sitting in an exam hall, desperately try to remember a mathematical equation, with Rihanna playing on a loop in your head.

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