Thursday, 19 April 2012

So your illustration, script or story has been returned with a curt, “No, thanks”? Don’t ditch it! Rejection first time round doesn’t mean your work is irredeemably crap. There are many reasons why it may not get picked up initially. Here are a few…

You weren’t sufficiently professional 
Perhaps you’re an artistic genius, but you need to show you’re also someone who can deliver. “The promotional material that an illustrator sends into a company for their consideration represents them as a professional,” says Paul Ryding from The Association of Illustrators, a not-for-profit membership organisation that supports professional illustrators. “It may be a beautiful piece of artwork, with multiple uses, but if it’s printed on flimsy card or is too small, or if the colours are saturated or it’s pixelated, all these things will reflect badly on the illustrator, not as an artist but as someone to work with professionally,” he says, adding: “They may just disregard it straight away.”

The question of presentation is equally important when submitting a script, short story or journalistic article. “Take care,” says Farhana Gani, Editor of online literary magazine Untitled Books. “Bad grammar and misspelt words are off-putting to an editor, or anyone else assessing your work.”

Your timing was off
The arts are as fickle as Twitter when it comes to trends. One year, visual culture, literature and film take their cue from wartime nostalgia, the next it’s all about futuristic robot dystopias. “Some things take a long time, and a lot of blood sweat and tears, to come to fruition,” says Paul Ashton, Development Producer at BBC Writersroom. “Life on Mars took eight years and 37 pilot episode drafts before they got a green light… sometimes great ideas need to just await their time.”

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