Thursday, 5 January 2012

You’ve got a website. You’ve got a printed portfolio. Now you need a photoblog. Why? To maintain a steady output of fresh work, build your profile as a photographer and reach a wider audience, of course. Here’s how to get started…

Set up your photoblog
If you’ve already forked out for a domain name, you might want to incorporate a photoblog into your website – or you could use a free blogging platform. There are plenty out there: from Wordpress to Pixelpost, Blogger to Tumblr. Emily Webber, who runs the photoblog London Shop Fronts, favours the latter. “Tumblr's not just a blogging platform, it’s a network of creative people,” she says. “Tumblr also allows for easy re-blogging while keeping a link back to the original photo, which is a great way to get your images out there.”

Know what you’re about
Some photographers, such as Mike Massaro, use a photoblog as a more frequently updated addition to their online portfolio. He says: “I try to put as much content as possible up there, anything I think is interesting enough.” But often the most memorable photoblogs have a theme, the quirkier the better. Whether it’s snaps of cats or graffiti, once you’ve picked your theme, don’t deviate. And remember to include an “about” section detailing what your photoblog is about.

Build a following
Tag your images with descriptive search words. Get Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, accounts for your photoblog and each time you post a new image, make sure the world knows. Interact with other relevant bloggers. Make sure there’s an obvious way for your followers to contact you directly. You never know – you might end up with a book deal.

Update regularly
If there’s nothing new up there, no one’s going to come back for seconds. As Alex Pink, author of the photoblogs Snapshot London and Hackney Revisited, says: “People like repetition. I post five days a week all year round, with the odd exception – holidays and what not. However often you decide to post, stick to it – don't be flakey.”

Fight for your rights
If you don’t want your images to be used, write “all rights reserved” on the photoblog, embed a watermark with “© your name” or metadata into your images and limit their size. However, as Emily Webber points out, “We’re in the age of social web; you want people to share your photos through social media platforms and their own blogs, as this will put your work in front of more people.” To select an open-license – which vary depending on whether you are happy for people to share, alter, or profit from your images – go to the Creative Commons website.

And finally, some inspiration…

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