Thursday, 29 December 2011

For my first article as assistant editor at IdeasTap I interviewed Tina Remiz, a 22-year-old documentary photographer with a ton of talent... 

"I joined IdeasTap on the very first day I came to London.

"It was July 2010 and I was representing my university, the University of the West of England, at a creative careers event called futurerising. I picked up an IdeasTap flyer and by the evening I was a member. I chose to join because it was about opportunities, meeting new people and community – just what I needed when I moved to London because I didn’t know anyone.

"In August I won the first Editor’s Brief I entered. The brief was Getaway and my image was of a man walking into a forest, getting back to nature. Around that time I was selected to be a photographer for National Youth Theatre’s Digi S’Warm. Working for an entire week, submitting work daily and having a mentor helped me to understand how you work as a photographer. And it was great fun."

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