Saturday, 6 August 2011

What a lovely start to Saturday. Just stumbled on this new film by artist Vanessa Hodgknison and musician Nick Cash, inspired by French film director Jacques Audiard. Check it out!

Vanessa writes: 
"I've re-watched Audiard's A Prophet recently. 
The film struck some deep chords, particularly as it is one of the first mainstream films to use Corsican dialect throughout. I have a strong connection to Corsica as my family lives there and I've been going every year for the last 30 years. 
Audiard's use of very heavy and solid sets fascinates me. The camera and the bodies have to move around his set, and are restricted by it. This informs their movement and stillness. 
In Ode to Audiard, I'm trying to interact with or 'become' part of the prehistoric monoliths that feature in the footage. These are dotted all around Corsica, making one realise there is more to this island apart from just a thuggish mafia culture. As with A Prophet, there is a reaching out to find something internal, some dark timeless place, in contrast to the bright rugged unsympathetic environment.  
I'm interested in the stability of these monoliths over tens of thousands of years, and a desire to hold onto them, or merge into them and become part of that stillness, that is at once human, man-made, and also stone, of nature." 
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